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China Cold Room is required to meet 100%
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There is no definitive answer to this question. No China Cold Room is required to meet 100% of all cooling devices. The ideal refrigerant needs material compatibility, chemical stability, performance, non-toxic, non-flammability, boiling point and other criteria.

The refrigerant has the perfect thermal stability, minimal toxicity, non - corrosive and non - combustibility. While this refrigerant is more common in car air conditioning, the refrigerant can also be used in commercial refrigeration systems, especially in large cooling units.

For example, this is the refrigerant used in the Saudi Arabian national petroleum corporation project. The discovery that the chemical has caused global warming has hampered its use.

Ammonia is a so-called non-halogenated chemical, which may be the most commonly used refrigerant in industrial cooling equipment and the oldest refrigerant.

Its thermal absorption is unmatched. This alone will allow it to be applied to Refrigerated Cold Room - without the need for large cooling devices. Other attractive features include high critical points, high performance and low molecular weight. Like other refrigerants, ammonia has its bad side. For example, it can be harmful to the skin, eyes and throat.
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