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Application of Wood - Plastic Composites
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Wysłany: 2017-03-10, 06:21   Application of Wood - Plastic Composites

Wood-plastic composite materials, we said a lot of times before, not only has a strong wood texture characteristics, but also has the characteristics of anti-corrosion moisture moth-proof, its application field is more extensive than solid wood, wood-plastic composite materials as excellent anti-corrosion moisture resistance, So that it has a very good application in the outdoors, due to both plastic and water-resistant anti-corrosion and wood texture of the two characteristics, and because the plastic composite material contains part of the plastic composition, so it can prevent insects, making It is a very good performance and very durable outdoor building materials, for outdoor aspects, can replace the port, terminal and other wood components used, but also can be used to replace the wood production of various packaging, trays, silo, etc. Lift, use is extremely extensive.
One of the most important uses of wood-plastic materials is the replacement of solid wood in various fields, of which the most widely used is in building products, accounting for 75% of the total wood-plastic composite supplies. The main use of wood-plastic composite materials for the outdoor, flower box, decorative panels, signs, structural materials, hydrophilic floor, flower rack corridor, open platform, simple parking room, interior, wall skirt, bathroom board, , Sound insulation board (wall), decorative lines.
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